Employee Testimonials

  • Angie L. – Contracts
    “I have been with Physical Optics Corporation (POC) for 15 amazing years. Whenever you can walk into work smiling and singing, you know you must be in a great place.”
  • Fanny L. – Production
    “POC has given me every opportunity to excel and contribute throughout my career. It is exciting to be a part of a company that is at the cutting edge of technology.”
  • Martin L. - Engineer
    I started at POC as an intern and have been a full-time employee for over 5 years now. I personally have been involved with biomedical, chemical/nuclear detection, RF filter design, and imaging system integration groups. A true benefit of working at POC is I am allowed to pursue my areas of interest and growth due to our diverse technologies.
  • Gordon D. – Finance
    “Since its inception in 1985, POC has been a growing and profitable company. The company is in excellent financial condition and has good relationships with banks and other financial institutions. POC has sufficient resources to support its expanding operations for continued business growth in the future. “
  • Eddie N. - Engineer
    POC has awesome vision in many ways. As a high tech company, it sees innovative ideas and turns them into advanced technologies for men and women in uniform. As an employer, POC sees a family behind each employee which makes this company great.
  • EunHee H. - Scientist
    At POC, I work with great people on innovative and exciting projects that have the potential to address important global issues.
  • Shaz K. - Scientist
    POC has provided me an exciting research and development environment where learning possibilities seem limitless. I particularly enjoy the opportunity to work across a huge variety of projects. There is never a dull moment at POC!
  • Rex G. - Technician
    It is very exciting to work for a company where the products and technology that are developed can be implemented in real world situations. POC has also afforded me the opportunity to take good care of my family.
  • George G. – Government Relations
    Prior to joining POC, I spent many years as a Marine Corps customer. I always received more, sooner, and at lower cost than expected. Now I see the dedication and effort that led to that performance on hundreds of diverse technology developments. The brainpower at POC is enormous!