Corporate Overview


Founded in 1985, Physical Optics Corporation (POC) has developed a unique business model of achieving both research and technology advancements, then transitioning them into commercial and defense products. Still today, POC is a small, women-owned business that is well managed, profitable and growing. Developed through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program, along with POC’s own contributions has emerged a unique blend of advanced technologies. These technologies are positioned to respond to changing market needs faster; while providing better solutions; and with a higher value payoff to its customers. The company is poised for growth and expansion with its production capability, integrative engineering, intellectual property and strong financial position.

POC’s talented staff has delivered over $300 million in products to its customers, and this number will certainly grow. Supported by a vast technology portfolio that covers: optics, electro-optics, holography, photonics, fiber optics, optical instrumentation, sensor systems, chem-bio-medical, standoff detection, avionics, information assurance, wireless systems, metrology, renewable energy, surveillance systems, electronic warfare, ISR, and less-lethal solutions, POC is ready for expansion.

POC possesses innovative products, its own intellectual property, and highly advanced technologies. Our co-founder Tomasz Jannson Ph.D. often states, “Physics touches everything.” This is certainly true with POC as we work on “Technologies that Make a Difference®”, everyday. Our products and technology have a positive impact on the lives of many people. POC creates disruptive technologies and these solutions can be found in aircraft, automobiles, ground vehicles, displays, movie theatres, machine vision, instrumentation, elevators, microscopes, medical, biomedical, communication, wireless sensing, ISR, law enforcement, right down to the individual warfighter. POC’s technologies really do make a difference, and our future is still ahead.


Physical Optics Corporation is a systems integrator of advanced technology serving the military, defense, security and commercial markets. Since its founding in 1985, the company has grown to a $50M company with 250 employees, that includes 94 engineers and 45 Ph.D.s. POC is a highly innovative small business, women-owned company, and is located in Torrance, CA with 5 buildings that occupy over 100,000 square feet. POC houses some of the most highly advanced and unique research laboratories, as well as engineering, prototyping, development, testing and production facilities. The company complies with all applicable ITAR provisions. Our production and quality programs are certified to ISO 9001:2000, AS9100C, AS9110A and managed under CMMI – ML3. The company has launched six (6) spin-off companies and holds 159 issued patents worldwide, covering over 40 technologies. To date, POC has shipped well over $300 million in commercial, and government products that have been fielded in 71 DoD and DoE installations. Financially, POC has been profitable every year since its founding, and is now planning for its next wave of growth. POC is managed by an experienced executive and management team, and is audited by DCAA and DCMA, along with certified independent financial audits. In addition to its strong financial management, the company has no significant long-term debt, holds a significant cash reserve, and is prepared for fluctuating market conditions.

As we move forward, POC will continue its work in innovative research and development, while focusing on several strategic thrust areas and advanced programs. This includes developing and producing the next generation avionics systems, such as flight data recorders, advanced data transfer systems, and mass memory units for both military and commercial aircraft. Other product efforts include integrated wearable networks, surveillance systems, agile RF filters for electronic warfare, and a developing product line of smart industrial metrology solutions.