Emerging Technologies

RF Interference Mitigation

High Powered Tunable Agile RF Filters

POC’s family of Agile RF Filters can be synchronized to frequency-hopping radios, Data or SIGINT Systems and dynamically create notches in the full output energy of most EW Assets, thus removing harmful interference from communication Data or SIGINT frequencies. It operates in the analog domain, and can provide over 100 dB of in-band attenuation, with minimal reflected power (VSWR).

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WISDEM - Wideband Intelligent RF Spectrum Detection Exploitation and Monitoring

WISDEM is a system used to reliably characterize the RF spectrum in an area and provide the data in real-time to a central control over bandwidth limited communications channels.

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Software Defined Multiple Radio Device - SDMRD Mission Module: DTCS/4G LTE

POC’s SDMRD integrate several radio functionalities (Iridium, 4G LTE, P25 and PRC-148B) into a single handheld communications device that allows you to talk anywhere in the world and anytime On-the-move (OTM) and over-the-horizon (OTH). The SDMRD MM is designed as an add on to a host radio, like the MBITR2. The SDMRD MM provides position and time data and will support unencrypted plain-text data over GSM/4G-LTE and encrypted voice Iridium communications over the Distributed Tactical Communication System (DTCS) network and access to worldwide cellular VoIP data networks through a user-replaceable Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card.

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PALM – Predistortion-Based Amplifier Linearization Module

POC’s PALM is a wideband, signal-agnostic, linearization module which can be integrated with or attached to an existing RF high power amplifier with no modification, compatible with high power amplifiers operable in the HF, VHF, UHF and low microwave.

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Non-Lethal Technology

RESLIFE - Ranged Eye-Safe Laser-Induced Flashbang Enabling System

POC has designed RESLIFE as a non-lethal, precision pointing, flash/bang light and sound effect system that uses a high energy, high pulse rate eye-safe lasers as the deterrent system. This capability extends the time line before lethal means would be deployed. Currently POC has successfully demonstrated this effect at 50 m range and 140 db audible sound. RESLIFE can be deployed on ground vehicles or fixed mounted for force and high value asset protection.

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OPS™ - Optical Proximity Sensor - Non-Lethal Munitions

POC has developed an Optical Proximity Sensor (OPS™) for small caliber non-lethal munitions and proximity detection. The miniature optical sensor generates an electric output signal if a light reflecting target emerges at a predefined sensing distance. The OPS sensing distance is from 1m to 5m and the angle of view is 2 milliradians by 7.8 milliradians (0.11 degree X 0.44 degree). OPS can be installed on a shooting projectile as small as 12-gauge caliber (OD: 17.8mm - 12 gauge and 19mm in length which includes PC board). Weighing less than 10.2g (without battery), OPS response time is less than 0.1 milliseconds (0.0001 seconds). OPS can be adapted to meet OEM requirements.

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MNLG - Malodorous Non-Lethal Grenade

POC’s MNLG non-lethal warhead is a small integrated system capable of dispensing liquid materials rapidly and accurately from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) such as low-speed quadcopters or the high-speed Lethal Miniature Aerial Munitions Systems (LMAMS) as a direct replacement of its existing lethal payload. Examples of liquid payloads include malodorants used to disperse crowds or enemy personnel or non-visible taggants used to mark still or moving targets for tracking and later identification. The MNLG can be triggered remotely or via integrated proximity sensor, and has been demonstrated through numerous UAV flight tests. The system is designed to be reusable and low cost, providing a unique non-lethal capability in the toolkit of warfighters, homeland security, and law enforcement.

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Metro & Inspection

INTELLIMIC™ - "Smart" Micrometer

The Intellimic™ is an intelligent precision wireless micrometer designed for measuring advanced materials, coatings, and location tracking. The system provides one-handed operation and is capable of measuring complex curved surfaces via an innovative self-normalizing mechanism. Thicknesses are wirelessly transmitted and stored in a software database for quality tracking, flagging, and future reference. The IntelliMic offers significant improvements in production efficiency and data tracking, leading to reduced labor costs and improved quality control.

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ILSAS - Interpolated Liquid Shim Application System

ILSAS is an Interpolated Liquid Shim Application System that will lay down a precise and measured bead consistently. The applied liquid material will be precisely measured and transmitted wirelessly back to the work station. ILSAS is easy to use, eliminates masking, will save material cost and greatly reduce finish work on aircraft surfaces.

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RAOS - Rapid Advanced Optical Scanner

POC’s Rapid Advanced Optical Scanner (RAOS) uses laser scanning with configurable beam shaping and multiplexed, real-time image processing technologies to measure surface profiles of highly curved, highly reflective objects such as compressor airfoils and integrally bladed rotors. With an optimally configured laser projection, provided by a low-SWaP diode laser and diffractive optical element, and adaptive signal processing of images provided by multiple cameras, RAOS achieves high accuracy (better than 0.0005 in.) and system redundancy necessary for the application. Software reports out XYZ coordinates, and the point cloud output can be directly compared with a corresponding CAD model. Additional key features include wireless operation (power and data transmission) and integration with existing CMM/PMM controllers.

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RANMS - Rapid Advanced Non-Contact Measurement System

POC’s Rapid Advanced Non-Contact Measurement System (RANMS) uses multi-fiber diode laser technology incorporating four individual laser sources and CCD camera for use in sub-surface hole diameter, hole position, surface and edge profile inspections. Software reports out XYZ coordinates identical to touch probe operations. Image and data processing algorithms can achieve measurements within 0.1 second. Key features include wireless data transmission and integration with existing PMM controllers.

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CIT X-RAY - Compton Imaging Tomography X-Ray

The CIT X-Ray is a compact, robust, fully integrated, and high-resolution 3-D imaging system that can be used for Non-Destructive Evaluation of Thermal Protection System materials, composite materials and other structural materials during manufacturing and assembly processes.

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