OPS™ - Optical Proximity Sensor - Non-Lethal Munitions

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POC has developed an Optical Proximity Sensor (OPS™) for small caliber non-lethal munitions and proximity detection. The miniature optical sensor generates an electric output signal if a light reflecting target emerges at a predefined sensing distance. The OPS sensing distance is from 1m to 5m and the angle of view is 2 milliradians by 7.8 milliradians (0.11 degree X 0.44 degree). OPS can be installed on a shooting projectile as small as 12-gauge caliber (OD: 17.8mm - 12 gauge and 19mm in length which includes PC board). Weighing less than 10.2g (without battery), OPS response time is less than 0.1 milliseconds (0.0001 seconds). OPS can be adapted to meet OEM requirements.


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