Software Defined Multiple Radio Device - SDMRD Mission Module: DTCS/4G LTE

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POC’s SDMRD integrate several radio functionalities (Iridium, 4G LTE, P25 and PRC-148B) into a single handheld communications device that allows you to talk anywhere in the world and anytime On-the-move (OTM) and over-the-horizon (OTH). The SDMRD MM is designed as an add on to a host radio, like the MBITR2. The SDMRD MM provides position and time data and will support unencrypted plain-text data over GSM/4G-LTE and encrypted voice Iridium communications over the Distributed Tactical Communication System (DTCS) network and access to worldwide cellular VoIP data networks through a user-replaceable Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card.


On-site demonstration available.


Christian Veeris

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