Physical Optics Corporation is celebrating its 31st year as a leading supplier of integrated products, services and support to military forces, intelligence agencies, NASA, and prime contractors worldwide. Focused on defense and aerospace technology, POC designs, develops, manufactures and supports a broad range of mission critical subsystems for avionics and network-centric systems for airborne and ground applications.

Physical Optics has developed over 100 products and holds over 135 U.S. Patents covering 40+ technologies in the areas of Applied Technology, Electro-Optics Systems, Information Technologies, Photonic Systems, Avionics Systems, and Products and Engineering. POC’s products and technologies reach worldwide markets as a result of our in-house manufacturing, vendor supply network, 6 spin-off companies, and 2 ventures, combined with a number of licensing agreements. We offer the most advanced crash survivable flight data recorders, including fast data download and wireless memory for the Navy’s T45 platform (PMA273). Furthermore, POC has fielded a number of soldier wearable networks, sensors with power management and distribution solutions.

Technology research has been completed for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Special Operations Command, DARPA, DHS, HSARPA, NIH, NASA, NSF, NIST, OSD, TSWG, JIEDDO and DOE. Physical Optics Corporation also collaborates with a number of primes, universities, institutions and national laboratories such as Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Eglin, Sandia, Brookhaven, NASA and DOE.

With a staff of 235 highly talented employees, from scientists, engineers, and production personnel to contract management, corporate marketing and business development teams, of whom 55 hold Ph.D. degrees, POC is positioned to develop and deliver solutions and “technology that make a difference®”.