PPVSS – Portable Persistent Video Surveillance System

Product Information


The PPVSS system offers covert surveillance capability in public areas to effectively monitor and track suspicious activity. The system consists of an all-weather, camouflaged standalone 12 x 8 x 8 in., 15 lb box mountable on objects such as trees, poles, or building structures. Unprecedented persistent 200-m range day/night video surveillance with license plate reading capability with results logged to a searchable database. Solar-powered operation (with battery backup) enables it to operate continuously for weeks (depending on solar illumination), requiring no support from any power infrastructure. Remote operation and monitoring via commercial cellular networks (in urban settings) and/or a separate 5-mile RF link (in rural settings) provides capability to remotely control the system, and access surveillance information (including video playback), in real time.


Prototype systems deployed. Demonstrations available.


Frank Willis


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