UHRSS – Ultra-High Resolution Video Surveillance System

Product Information


UHRSS is a complete high performance surveillance system for distances up to 10 km. As an “unblinking eye” it records and displays 180° wide field of view, with unprecedented resolution (0.3 Giga pixel), for accurate detection and identification of standoff threats. The UHRSS employs instantaneous digital e-zoom (no latency) with no moving parts. Using simple mouse operations, users can define up to four regions of interest (ROI), zoom in/out and remotely configure sensor parameters. All events (i.e. vehicle identification) are recorded in a searchable database along with the full resolution imagery, enabling forensic analysis with all of the same controls/features as the real-time interface. 12 hours of full resolution video are stored on the system’s hard drives.


Prototype systems deployed. Demonstrations available.


Frank Willis


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