Airborne Systems

POC is a leader in advanced Mission Data Loaders, Data Transfer Systems, Crash Survivable Flight Recorders and high density Mass Storage systems that support new and legacy military and civil aircraft.


AERO – Airborne Enhanced Rear Obstacle Avoidance System

AERO is a ruggedized 180⁰ FOV rear obstacle detection and warning system that uses fused sensor data from it’s thermal imaging sensors and it’s ultra-wide band radar. This information is processed and graphically displayed in the cockpit, as well as providing an audio alert capability.

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BSED – Boundary Scan Enhanced Diagnostics

Boundary Scan Enhanced Diagnostics (BSED) system can identify failed electronic components down to the Weapons Replaceable Assemblies (WRA) while the systems are on the aircraft, reducing costs and maintenance time, while increasing aircraft availability. BSED is a ruggedized portable handheld system that uses JTAG boundary testing to extract diagnostic data BSED Portable Backpack BSED Portable Tablet from complex electronic systems on-board the aircraft. BSED quickly diagnoses and correctly identifies failures to the circuit card or component level. It can be modified for other interfaces and eliminates the unnecessary removal and replacement of Weapons Replaceable Assemblies.

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DADS – Digital Aircraft Data Storage

DADS is composed of a loader receptacle in the aircraft and two data cartridges that are used to physically transport data between the aircraft and ground systems. Innovative modular design of loader receptacle allows easy switch to other aircraft interfaces (Fibre Channel, Ethernet, 1553, etc); first implementation is for F-15C/E, using 1Gbps Ethernet over Fiber.

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DDS - Digital Data Set

The Digital Data Set (DDS), AN\AYH-5(V) has been adopted as the US Navy standard Digital Data Set for the T-45A/C Goshawk Flight Trainer aircraft. The DDS consolidates the Airborne Video Cassette Recorder (AVCR), Mission Data Loader (MDL) AN/ASQ-215, and Airborne Data Recorder (ADR)/Signal Data Computer (SDC)/Advanced Signal Data computer into a single unit.

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DTS - Data Transfer Systems

Physical Optics Corporation’s Data Transfer System (DTS) is the next generation of in-flight data loading devices/digital recorders which provides NSA-defined Suite-B and FIPS 140-2 approved cryptographic solutions. It also supports NSA-approved Type-1 encryption if this level of security is required.

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DTU – Vehicle Data Transfer Unit

The VDTU is an unobtrusive hardware/software unit which enables modular data collection of video, audio, and data with plug-n-play capability for drop-in insertion onto any platform. The VDTU is designed for use in a bandwidth constrained environment with built in Data at Rest encryption as well as Ethernet access for connectivity to secure wireless networks. The VDTU includes data filtering through an embedded Knowledge Manager to prioritize and tag data storage enabling streamlined data presentation via the system software GUI. These features will provide significant benefits by improving control of sensors (zooming, changing mode settings, etc.), enabling remote health and status monitoring, and streamlining the management of data harvesting (e.g., to throttle data collection or configuring when to collect).

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ETMR – Engine Trend Monitoring Recorder

The ETMR unit is housed in an aluminum chassis qualified to DO-160G environmental requirements and can be mounted in any orientation. It measures 6.3” x 9.3” x 4” and weighs 3 lbs. The unit is configured with all connectors on the front panel for ease of access to power, electrical interfaces and either USB or Ethernet interfaces for data retrieval. The ETMR is compliant to Pratt Whitney Canada Service Bulletin No. 1703R6 for the PT-6A engine. The unit supports performance and maintenance analysis and provides storage for >10,000 hours of flight information. Optional: crash hardened memory unit.

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FAERITO® Digital Video / Audio / Data Flight Recorder

The FAERITO® line of Digital Flight Recorders provide over 4 hours of synchronous Digital Video/Audio/Data (VAD) recording. This unique “All - In - One” digital flight recorder meets ED-112 standards for both military and commercial aircraft.

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JARVIS – Joint Avionics Reconfigurable Virtual Information System

To address the Navy’s need for a miniaturized, fault-tolerant, decentralized mission processing system, Physical Optics Corporation (POC) has developed the new Joint Avionics Reconfigurable Virtual Information System (JARVIS). The JARVIS as a decentralized mission processing architecture/system for various NAVAIR platforms that is capable of distributed processing amongst multiple fully capable mission computer nodes with a higher degree of fault tolerance/reliability allowing for at least a designation of Mission Critical with an objective of Flight Critical level of reliability operating in conformance with the Future Airborne Computing Environment (FACE) standard.

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MAFOSS – Multilayered And Arrayed Fiber Optic Sensor Suite

MAFOSS is based on a suite of different fiber optic Fabry-Perot (FP) sensors to simultaneously acquire multiple parameters such as temperature, vibration, strain, torque, heat flux, and pressure. The sensor heads can be fabricated by using sapphire optical fiber and high temperature-resistant ceramic materials for applications in ultra-high temperature (up to 1740 °C) environment.

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MENTIS – Remote Interface Unit

Interoperability between subsystems is an increasingly nagging problem with modern military platforms. MENTIS overcomes these issues by providing a standardized solution that transparently adapts to unique connectorizations, and provides real-time translation between diverse data formats. With MENTIS, analog and digital inputs are internally rerouted using an embedded switching fabric, and the signals are transformed into a digital output that is passed to the platform’s onboard computer for logging and/or analysis, eliminating the need to rewire input connectors for different payloads. The onboard processing provides translations between various input signal types, all in a package as small as 1” x 1” x ½”.

Three MENTIS configurations are available:

  • Nano-MENTIS: AD conversion, input remapping, and signal routing
  • Micro-MENTIS :AD conversion, input remapping, and signal routing
  • Mini-MENTIS: AD conversion, input remapping, transcoding, signal routing
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MFD – Multi Function Cockpit Display

POC’s Multifunction Display (MFD) provides full-color graphics rendering, operator controls, and high resolution display for rugged military applications (ground or airborne). Customizable in size, the Active-Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD) features anti-reflective, electro-magnetic interference shielding treatments and a selectable LED backlight that provides operation for day and night. Multiple configurable soft keys can be used to display information to the user in numerous ways to work with current or future platforms.

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PDGX – Programmable Display Generator Expanded

The PDGX provides air vehicle general processing and display graphics processing capabilities for the Color Multi-Function Displays (CMFDs). The PDGX generates scales, organizes and positions both symbology and/or sensor video in accordance with the mode selected by the pilot though interactive software controlled buttons/switches located on each of the CMFD bezels and other aircraft controls. The PDGX can support future Operational Flight Program (OFP) software sustainment upgrades and will support displaying critical operational information. The PDGX can support modern cockpit displays or high definition video; increased memory, supports higher throughput, and additional hardware interfaces.

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RAD – Revolutionary Avionics Display

RAD is a ruggedized F-35 form-factor or compatible cockpit display that takes advantage of the recent revolutions in display technology including higher resolutions and corresponding smaller pixel pitches, as well as increased refresh rates, contrast and color gamut enhancements techniques, and advances in solid-state lighting efficiency.

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WIFIRE ID – Wireless Fire Identification

Within 4 ms WIFIRE ID will detect aircraft fires over a wide area after ignition. The lightweight (3 oz) ZigBee wireless system (2.4GHz) supports a large number of detectors throughout the aircraft.

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Integrated Soldier Systems

POC provides military, law enforcement and first responders with integrated wearable electronic solutions.

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Sensor Systems

POC plays a major role in Force Protection by providing cutting-edge, compact, ultra broadband tunable notch and band pass filters for radio communications, wireless data systems, CREW systems and jammers.

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Advanced Systems

POC provides long-range multi-sensor systems, hyper spectral detection and electro-magnetic detection systems that provide real-time ability to detect, recognize, identify and geo-locate distant targets.

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