ADTS - Advanced Data Transfer System

Product Information


Data/Video/Audio Loader and Recorder with NSA Type 1 Encryption for Rotary and Fixed Wing Platforms. Meets Information Assurance Requirements (S & U). Data Transfer Devices (DTD) available in 128 GB or 256 GB memory capacities.

Key Advantages

  • ADTS Weight < 8 lbs (with 3 DTDs installed)
  • ADTS Power = 45W maximum, 30W nominal
  • Operating temperature range: -40ºC to +55ºC continuous; +71ºC for < 30 minutes
  • Dimensions: 5” Wide x 3” High x 8” Deep


Robert Waldo, Ph.D., VP Business Development
Avionics Programs

ADTS – Patent Pending

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I/O ChannelI/O SPECIFICATIONSNSA Type 1 EncryptionFIPS-140 Encryption
10/100/1000 Ethernet 4 x Bidirectional X  
10/100 Ethernet 2 x Bidirectional   X
1553 RT/MT 2 x Bidirectional, IRIG106 Ch10 X  
1553 RT/MT 2 x Bidirectional, IRIG106 Ch10   X
Audio (mono) 2 x input, 1 x output X  
Analog Video* 2 x RS-170/343/NTSC input
1 x RS-170/343/NTSC output
Digital Video* 1 x DVI-D or 2 x SMPTE input
1 x SMPTE output
RS-232 4 x Bidirectional X  
RS-422 1 x Bidirectional X  
RS-422 1 x Bidirectional   X
Discretes 2 x input, 8 x output N/A N/A

* Maximum of 3 channels simultaneous recording and 2 channels simultaneous playback

Bonnie++ Writing 35 MB/s
Bonnie++ Reading 100 MB/s
Directory w/ 1000 files (1024k each) 15 seconds
4 GB Load 1:35 minutes


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