DTU – Data Transfer Unit

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The DTU is a mission critical data transfer system specifically designed to address the needs of the F/A-18E/F and EA-18G platforms. DTU is a form and fit replacement for the current MU-1135A Digital Memory Device (DMD), plus adds NSA Type-1 encryption for mission data and FIPS-140 encryption for maintenance data.


Single compact housing measures 2”x5”x8”, weighs 5 lbs. (with 2 removable memory devices installed), and meets MIL-STD-180 standard.


2 independent Removable Memory Devices (RMD), each containing 128 GB storage capacity – Mission (red) and Maintenance (black).

Data Transfer

A dual-redundant High-Speed Data Network (HSDN) interface and a single 1 Gbps high-speed fiber channel 50/35 Mbps read/write data transfer (SATA).


Red/Black data separation with full-time NSA Type 1 encryption of mission data, and full-time FIPS-140 encryption compatible with maintenance data.


2 redundant fiber channels, High-Speed Data Network (HSDN) and High-Speed Interface (HSI)


Only uses 20 watts


In Production.


Robert Waldo

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