WiSIC – Physiological Monitoring Sensors And Flexible Display Technology

Product Information


POC’s WiSIC aims to be the starting point for an integrated platform that enables next-generation physiological monitoring. This device can be integrated into a Transportation Telemedicine system. Its sensors are developed for a medical triage scenario, but can also be used for en route patient care for vitals monitoring. The device enables the persistent monitoring of the medical status of a large group of triage patients, through the use of wireless interface. Thresholds can be set on a handheld device to alert the medic of a deteriorating medical condition. The ultra-low power electrophoretic display enables at-a-glance evaluation of the patient, while the flexible photovoltaic extends the operational lifetime of the device. The flexible packaging allows the device to conform to the shape of the patient and demonstrate its flexible capabilities.

Current Capabilities

Temperature, heart rate, respiration rate and ECG data.

Future Features

Blood pressure, pulse, oxygen levels, system integration, data hand over and multi-patient monitoring.


In Development. Call for assistance.


Christian Veeris

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