GVMS – Ground Vehicle MET Sensor

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POC’s MET Sensor for Ground Vehicle applications is a next-generation weather sensor that monitors valuable microclimate data and infeeds the data to local or remote analysis tools, such as ballistics computing or electromagnetic warfare (EW) modeling, to improve accuracy as well as situational awareness. For example, meteorological parameters like air temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, and relative humidity data provide are critical variables that feed into an improved ballistics targeting capability. In addition meteorological sensors, POC’s MET sensor can provide additional sensing capabilities include still and video imagery for improved situational awareness, acoustic monitoring for gunshot detection and locating, and chemical/biological/nuclear monitoring that, combined with weather parameters, can provide valuable information for CBRN modeling and warning systems. Capable of operating on low-voltage and dirty vehicle power, the MET sensor can communicate data via wired or wireless means, including the option for integrated Iridium satellite data feeds. POC’s innovative, miniature, and ruggedized design is capable of withstanding the high temperature, vibration, and shock environment present in ground vehicles from small personnel carriers to large tanks. POC has pioneered unique ways to permanently seal the electronics using rugged epoxy-coatings that are both environmentally tough and possible to mass produce at low cost. With an all solid-state design, POC’s MET sensor is designed for long operational life with little to no service requirements, ultimately providing an inherent low life-cycle cost.


Product demonstrations available.


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