MWS - Micro Weather Sensor

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POC’s Micro Weather Sensor (MWS) is a low-cost, lightweight, ruggedized, highly integrated environmental weather station capable of being deployed globally in remote locations. The MWS can be either hand placed or air dropped, it supports continuous, near-real-time weather reporting for air and parachute operations, and also includes incident meteorology for wildfire or disaster support.

Using a set of twenty two integrated sensors, the MWS collects current local weather data and transmits it via the Iridium satellite network to command and control elements or airborne platforms.

The MWS system combines a micro LIDAR system, multi-imaging system, GPS, imaging sensors, and a host of other sensors to give a complete, current, and accurate weather picture, including accurate measurement of temperature, pressure, humidity, wind, gusts, cloud ceiling, visibility, orientation, global position, precipitation type, precipitation amount, and lightning activity.

Additionally, it calculates dew point, pressure altitude, density altitude, and altimeter setting, and takes 360 degree camera images of the surrounding area. The MWS condenses all weather observation capabilities into a single, compact package weighing less than a pound and has an internal battery capacity that lasts up to 90 days or more.

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Solar Cell Array and On-Board Lithium Batteries 90 day operational life, including overnight operation, and the ability to endure long periods of overcast or other low-light conditions
On-Board GPS Ability to time-synchronize and globally locate itself once deployed
Built-In Iridium SATCOM Transmitter Transmits data to command and control elements via satellite
Low Cost, Lightweight and Rugged Enables easy transport and placement
Imaging Sensors On Board Provides situational awareness and visual validation of weather conditions
On-Board Sensors Builds complete local weather picture
Expansion Port Allows new and/or additional sensors to be easily added to the sensor suite (Remote Battlefield Sensors, CBRNE Sensors, Surveillance Sensors)
Field of View Visual Field of Views is 360º x 60º out of 10,000m away

Key Advantages

  • Designed to MIL-STD-810G Environmental Requirements and AFMAN 15-111
  • Measured/Calculated Parameters:
    • Temperature
    • Pressure
    • Humidity
    • Cloud Ceiling
    • Wind Speed
    • Angular Tilt
    • Visibility
    • Dust Accumulation
    • Ambient Light
    • Wind Direction
    • Lightning
    • Global Position
    • Visual Imagery
    • Compass Reading
    • Precipitation

Future Developments

  • Fixed-based Weather System
  • Ceilometer - Cloud Height
  • Chemical Biological Detection


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