SAVIEN/SAPIEN – Sense And Avoid Insect Eye/Neuromorphic Sensor System

Product Information


Our insect vision-based sensors are small size, low weight, and have the capability to allow Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to sense the presence of aircraft, report their location, and identify those on a collision course. They can be used for military and commercial platforms, law enforcement and homeland security as well as for aerial photography, police surveillance, firefighting, rescue operation, traffic control, and collision avoidance for the blind, robots, automobiles and trucks.


In-house demonstration available.


Ross Mohr

Airborne Systems

POC is a leader in advanced Mission Data Loaders, Data Transfer Systems, Crash Survivable Flight Recorders and high density Mass Storage systems that support new and legacy military and civil aircraft.

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Integrated Soldier Systems

POC provides military, law enforcement and first responders with integrated wearable electronic solutions.

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Advanced Systems

POC provides long-range multi-sensor systems, hyper spectral detection and electro-magnetic detection systems that provide real-time ability to detect, recognize, identify and geo-locate distant targets.

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